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We realise that starting in a new school is a challenging moment for parents and children alike. We pride ourselves in making the integration as smooth and successful for every child.

Registration procedure

Pour toute demande d’inscription, prendre rendez-vous avec la Directrice de l’Ecole au 04 93 44 75 44 ou par mail à nice@eibschools.fr

Le dossier d’inscription ci-joint devra alors être remis à la Directrice dûment complété et accompagné des pièces demandées.

After a examination of the file and an interview with the family and the child, and depending on the places available, your enrollment will be validated.

If there is a change of information (address, family situation, telephone, etc.), parents must immediately inform us and provide us with the supporting documents.

Enrollments during the school year are possible depending on the places available.

Enrollments for the following school year are admissible from November of the previous year for the toddlers and the preschool section. For the other levels, enrollments will be open from January 15th.

Toddlers classes
Children can join toddler class from the age of two, on their birthday and depending on the places available.

Primary classes
After an assessment report at the start of the year, support and refresher courses can be offered to families.

Pré-inscription en ligne

Gagnez du temps en utilisant notre formulaire de pré-inscription en ligne.

Documents to provide for any registration request :

  • The registration form duly completed, dated and signed by both parents
  • Family book or passport
  • Health record booklet (vaccinations)
  • 2 Photos (passport size)
  • Payment of registration fees
  • Bank RIB and direct debit authorisation
  • Sepa authorisation
  • Justification of guardianship or joint custody of child
  • Civil liability + physical damage insurance
  • Medical certificate certifying pupil’s fitness to take part in Sport activities (primary)
  • We can also offer:

  • Classe de FLE – Français langue étrangère
  • Classe d’ESL – English second language
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